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Rick Bremness

Rick Bremness is a visual artist who was born and raised in Alberta, Canada and has an appreciation for nature and the outdoors. His work as a director of photography for many network television documentary programs has developed his comprehensive understanding of composition and light.


Rick graduated from the University of Alberta Visual Arts program where he developed his artistic style and was the recipient of the Constance McFarland Award.


Artist statement


I draw my inspiration from nature and an appreciation of the wildlife with which we share this planet.     


A wild animal, hyper-aware of its surroundings and wary of human contact, is a respected ruler of their domain. In each painting the animal seems to take a moment to pause and look up at the viewer, the same as the viewer is looking at them. I believe that through these paintings one can connect with these majestic creatures and appreciate their toughness, rugged beauty, and peaceful souls.  


I use bold brush strokes with a combination of unexpected hues to create spirited images that I hope will leave a lasting impression on the viewer. I am fascinated by these creatures that live in the Canadian wilderness. 


Rick is active in the arts community as a member of the Society of Western Canadian Artists, and the Edmonton Potters' Guild.


August 2023 "Bison King"

Award of Merit 

Gallery Ring - Colour awards

April 2023 "Family Time"

Award of Merit 

Gallery Ring - Animal awards

August 2022 "Chill Out"

Honourable Mention

Gallery Ring  - Nature awards

July 2022 "Wild Bull" 

Honourable Mention

Gallery Ring  - Colour awards

March 2021 "Southpaw"


Gallery Ring awards

May 2021 "Island Bear"

Circle Foundation for the Arts
Award of Excellence

April 2021 "Cypress Monarch"

Circle Foundation for the Arts

Honourable Mention


2018 University of Alberta Visual Arts Constance McFarland award


Whyte Avenue Art Walk


July 12,13,14,  2024

Strathearn Art Walk

Sept. 2024


Propaganda on 124th

November 1  - Dec 31 2025

*solo exhibition

"Just can't get enough"  12 x 12 Show

Night of Artists

Oct. 1 - 31, 2023

Strathearn Art Walk

Sept. 9, 10,  2023

Whyte Avenue Art Walk


July  2023


Enbridge Tower

March 15 - April 30 2023

*solo exhibition

Acquired taste 

January -  March 2023


Propaganda on 124th

September 18 - November 15 2022

*solo exhibition

Society of Western Canadian Artists

Mill Creek Cafe

April - July 2022

NextFest featured artist

Miller Art Gallery

Roxy Theatre

June 2022

Enbridge Centre

January 1 - February 15 2022

*solo exhibition

Art From The Unknown 2021 

Hosted by Racheal Notley

Nov. 3 - 18th, 2021

Propaganda on 124th Street

September  - November  2021

*solo exhibition

Full Marks

U of A Graduating exhibition 

May 2018


Art Gallery of Alberta

February 2017

Self portrait of Rick Bremness
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